About me


Bhanuchander Udhayakumar

Data Science | Full Stack | AWS Certified | TMForum Certified

Hi there, I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer in chennai. I love to develop full stack applications using Python, Java, Groovy, R and JavaScript. I am working on Artificial Intelligence based projects mostly around Sequence models and Computer Vision for both Cloud environment and EDGE device. Also familiar with docker, kubernetes for developing cloud natured full stack application (GCP, AWS and Azure). I like to use text editor sublime, also the IDEs PyCharm and IntelliJ.

During my academics, worked as an graduate intern for the Automotive Embedded Wireless based projects and designed few Patch Antennas and RF filters by familiarized with the advanced tools such as ADS and CST.

In my free time, I do blogging and developing github pages from my random ideas and also like to play MOBA games such as Dota 2. Also as a master degree graduate in Wireless technology, I love to contribute in the open source software development for Machine Learning, Antennas / RF Design, and *Visualization areas.





  • Higher Secondary Schools on Bio-Maths - 93.75 % - Devangar Higher Secondary School, Aruppukottai .


  • SSLC - 94.4 % - Devangar Higher Secondary School, Aruppukottai.



GitHub Hobby Projects


  • Published a open source python package adasher in PyPI. Downloads

  • Analytics components wrapper over Python Dash with facilities like Auto_analytics, default stats templates, and event-based analytics.


  • Published a open source python package keras_flower in PyPI. Downloads

  • It is a simple flower classification library trained on Densenet201 using Kaggle data set (104 classes).


  • Published a open source python package patch_antenna in PyPI. Downloads

  • This package used to design a rectangular patch antenna for both inset feed and normal feed types. Gerber file genration support also included for the design for fabrication.


  • Patch Antenna Util - For Online design, 3D simulation and Gerber generation
  • For the purpose of ease availability and to reduce the need of big EDA Tools, Patch antenna design, 3D Simulation and Gerber support are combined in this one tool. Using this tool, one can design and get a gerber file of a Patch antenna in few seconds even with a awesome 3D view.

  • Naruto Eye Classifier using Deep Learning - Live
  • Online based deep learning classification hobby project, created by basic convolutional neural networks like CNN1, CNN2, CNN3, LeNet with locally trained data set for the purpose of understanding neural networks from scratch.